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Project Meeting 2: London

This meeting was hosted by London Connected Learning Centre in collaboration with the Hitherfield Primary School in London. The objectives was to give both teachers and educators/strategists from the local authorities, in all 22 persons, a general understanding of how computer science is taught in a British context and provide with specific ideas of how to teach computational thinking concepts in the classroom. Additional objectives were to get all the participants to agree upon a common definition of what computational thinking means in the context of our Erasmus+ project and to define the upcoming “learnathon” activities that will happen in all pilot school during the spring. All participants were also to reflect upon the importance of an inclusive approach when teaching computer science in general. The programme included a visit to the BETT-show, school visit, lectures and hands-on workshop activities.

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Results Questionnaire

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Prior to the programme a survey was distributed among all teachers in order to better understand how to design exercises that would meet their expectations, interests and needs. The teachers were to rate their confidence in the aspects of different tools such as Lego robots, Scratch, Minecraft, Sonic Pi and unplugged computational thinking and then rate their interest in attending practical session in each these tools. This survey was then repeated after the training activities resulting in the following results.

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