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Learnathon 2: Life in your home town


The second learnathon is about life in your home town or city. This learnathon takes place in the winter of 2018 / 2019. 

The brief: 

  • Pupils will create a 3-5 minutes long film to help the children in other countries understand what life is like in their home town or city.

  • The film can be a story, documentary style or even a vlog, but it must explore computational thinking concepts, include the use of technology and demonstrate inclusive practice.

  • Participants are asked to document the filmmaking process in photos and, if possible, in blog posts. You could even make a film about how you made the film!

Ideas so far: 

  • Programming a robot to play the lead role of a story in the city

  • Creating and programming a light show to brighten up the dark evening streets

  • Demonstrating the algorithm that locals follow each winter day

...The more imaginative, the better!


9th November: the challenge is officially announced in the form of a short film created by the UK teachers. It should be sent to the Dutch team no later than Monday 5th November and posted on the blog at the end of that week for the children to watch.

9th November - 31st January: all schools are asked to send updates as often as they can to help the children stay connected through the blog. These may include updates on the filmmaking process, pictures and explanations special events such as Christmas celebrations, or reflections on how the children are using computational thinking skills in their school life.

1 February: the final films are sent to the Dutch team

8 February: Learnathon - the videos are posted on the blog. Children are invited to comment on them with feedback. These could be written on paper first, then posted after being checked by teachers, as was suggested in the meeting.

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