For our third learnathon children will program animations around the theme of computational thinking. The  Linda Liukas materials ( will provide inspiration. Teachers decide if to write new stories or choose existing well-known stories.

All the animations will be programmed using Scratch and showcased during the final Learnathon in London 9-13 March 2020.

Teachers will create online accounts and publish the projects early on so they can receive and provide ongoing feedback and support.


  *   15th Nov: Finish storyboards 
  *   22nd Nov: Create all assets with students (costumes, backdrops, sound etc)
  *   29th Nov: Start programming
  *   Fri January 10th: First drafts completed and shared
  *   January 17th: First feedback comments posted
  *   Friday 6th March: Final projects completed

Linda Liukas book.jpg

Learnathon 3: Story telling