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Project Meeting 1: Norrköping

The first project meeting took place in Norrköping, Sweden and was hosted by the project coordinator the Department of Education of the Municipality of Norrköping. The main purpose of this first meeting was to make each partner’s expectations, challenges and approaches to the project visible and to create a stronger consensus about how to proceed with the project and the roles of both local authorities and pilot schools. All partners were given time to present their institutions and all WP-leaders had extra time to go through how they envisioned the work with their work-packages. During this meeting it was also very important to introduce the concepts on inclusion in the context of computational thinking, why external lecturers and workshop arrangers were involved.

Visit of the Swedish pilot school Ektorpsringen and workshop 'An Inclusive Perspective on Computational Thinking" - Linnea Rothin & Marcus Nygren from EDVIRA”
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